My Geocaching Profile analyzes your geocaching history and produces statistics, graphs and maps of your caching adventures. Your personalized profile can then be exported and added to your profile on so others can see your progress. The entire profile generator is online and does not require any download or installation. You'll just need a "My Finds" pocket query zip file of your caching finds which is available from for Premium members.
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Upload Your "My Finds" Pocket Query Zip File so the site can analyze your caching history.

Build Your Profile by adding information about your caching history, customizing settings, and adding/removing profile sections. Some changes may require you to re-upload your "My Finds" Pocket Query zip file.

Preview Your Profile to see your finished product and then copy/paste the profile HTML code to your profile to show it to other geocachers.

The next time you want to update your statistics, just upload your latest "My Finds" pocket query zip file. That's it! The stats you copied to will update automatically. There's no need to re-copy/paste your profile HTML code to unless you want to add or remove an entire profile section!

For more detailed instructions you can also see our Help page. Still have questions? Contact Us!.

Looking for more? Our Extras section includes a tool to customize/display a "Well-Rounded Cacher" challenge image in your profile, Encryption Resources for decrypting cache puzzles and Cacher Ranking pages to see how you stack up against other members of the site.
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